Q What is Our One Club?

A Our One Club is a collection of  people who benefit from financial reward whist spending?

Q  How Does Our One Club Operate?

A Our One Club is a member Services programme, that profiles its members needs and wants, supplying individual requirements.

Q  How do you save money with Our one Club?

A Our One Club covers every area of an individual lifestyle, researching the lowest prices for each item or service required, then passing this benefit to our members.

Q  Is Our One Club a comparison Website?

A No, Our One Club is not a comparison website, we adapt our client area to suit the needs and wants of our members.

Q What are the savings I can make with Our One Club?

A It is not unusual to save up to 70% on cruise holidays, up to 55% on Hotel Holidays up to 80% on Resort Holidays plus the lowest prices on everyday purchases.

Q  If you are not a comparison website, how can you do this?

A We research very carefully the best of the best, for each individual request either on line or by phone, we then look at the best rebate commission we will receive from a client booking, we then allow you to book direct, by providing a loaded link that will drive that commission to the members account with Our One Club.

How much is this commission?

A On an average it is 5%, this can vary depending on product or service, it can be as high as 25% of purchase volume that is credited to the members account.

Q  How would I receive that income?

A AS a One Club Members logs in to their page, their amount of rebate is shown on their home screen, this is then transferred to the member upon their request, once the rebate is greater than 250 pounds.

Q What is the Membership Fee for Our One Club?

A There are three different memberships, depending upon age and annual expenditure, sign up for a newsletter and one of our consultants will call you and after a small survey they will be able to direct you to the correct membership for you.

SVC Q and A

What is my likely return each year?

No prediction can  be made relating to return, however it is quite within the norm of FOREX to receive between 1% and 4% monthly. The track history for the past twelve months equates to 38.66% growth.

How safe is my speculation?

A   As safe as it can be made, only 25% of your credit value is used within and trade with a 2% failsafe loss control, however understand that  Forex and CFDs are leveraged products which can result in losses greater than your initial deposit therefore you should only speculate with money that you can afford to lose.

How long do I have to keep my SVC?

A   After a minimum period of twelve months you can request the conversion and return of your SVC, follow the instructions with the terms and conditions of the web site.

Q   How soon can I benefit from returns on my SVC?

A   At the end of the first calendar month you can apply for your accrued SVC to be converted and paid to you. You can also apply at intervals of three months. Just follow the instructions in the web site,

Q   How can I increase my SVC?

A   You can increase your SVC at any time, just contact Our One Club.

Q   Where is your profit?

A   We receive commission from the brokerage, this is not related to your SVC or are you specifically charged for services. These are the special benefits you have with SVC and Our One Club.

Q   Are my returns always in sterling.

A   Yes, all credits are converted to sterling at the full rate of 1 SVC equals £1 sterling.

Q, Can I have my Speculative Return back if I am not satisfied.

A   Yes you can, our promise to you is should you not receive any positive credits with the first month, then Our One Club will return the full value of your SVC, a no quibble guarantee.